Photos: New York’s The Big Event IX [November 14th, 2015]

The Horsemen, The Skyscrapers, and The Rockers Reunited -- all at one place!


The Big Event IX Advert [November 14th, 2015]
Several great shots from this weekend’s pro wrestling convention have emerged online, complete with several photos of former World Championship Wrestling stars. The event bills itself as New York’s “biggest wrestling convention” and based on the guest list, it looks like it was a good one. Huge thanks to Power Slam Magazine Online for posting this first large batch of pictures from the convention, all taken by famed wrestling photographer George Tahinos:

Awesome to see both Spivey and Vicious together in 2015! Sucks that they couldn’t get Teddy Long, but still!!

“Make fun of my hat again, and I’m sending Sid and Dan over there to kick your ass, playa!”

More photos below were all pulled from Twitter:

Former nWo Girl April Hunter — a person that I never remember in WCW but have been crushing on since high school. Also, Billy Kidman is slim again! Even though he’s a current backstage producer for the WWE, I wonder if he ever gets the urge to get back into the ring for a match. He’s only 41, dammit!!

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That looked like an awesome convention. The north east seems to always have great ones. Here in the Midwest we’re lucky to get 1 decent wrestler for a signing. Even most of those I pass on because it’s usually someone like Al Snow.